QMUNi 2018, November 15-18

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A Letter from the Co-Chairs

Welcome delegates,

We are proud to present to you all the sixth edition of the Queen’s Model United Nation invitational conference. It is our pleasure to welcome you to Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario for this year’s conference.

QMUNi’s goal has, and always will remain simple; provide delegates of vastly different interests and backgrounds a common platform to meet and discuss ideas. We strive to create an atmosphere where debate and differences in opinions are encouraged, not frowned upon; where backroom plots and compromises are made, and where lifelong friendships and memories are etched in stone.

As Canada’s premier fall conference, we aim to provide a pleasurable and inclusive experience to all delegates. Whether you are a delegate who is attending their first conference or a crisis-hardened veteran, we aim to provide all with an experience that will cherished.

MUN has played an important role in all our lives. We have created lifelong friendships while sharpening our rhetoric and debate skills, stepping out of our comfort zones in doing so. The Secretariat at QMUNi has worked extremely hard at ensuring we can replicate these moments, to reciprocate our love of MUN to you. 

We look forward to meeting you in November,


Mikel Gega & Brendan Nugara

Secretary & Director General