JCC: The Greco-Persian War


When discussing the topic of international relations, the legacy of the ancient world remains strong. Nothing exemplifies how the classical era contributed best to international relations than the division of East and West. This idea, born in the Greco-Persian wars, remains in the international relation vocabulary to this day. It would not exist had Xerxes succeeded where his father had failed. And so we ask that you join us In this Joint Crisis Committee as we recreate one of the conflicts with the greatest lasting effects in the history of human civilization, The Second Persian invasion of Greece. Ask yourselves the question “What if?”. With its roll paramount to the shaping of human history, Delegates on either side of the Greek city states or the Persian Empire will command the forces of these two great powers. The Autumn of 480 BCE, the end of the Battle of Thermopylae, is perhaps the greatest flashpoint of the war, where each side might see the path to victory, while too dangling over the abyss of defeat. In this committee, delegates will vie for control of Greece, and with it, its future, and the very idea of western civilization. 

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